MIURA Akustiktrennwand


Ines Reutter


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Winter 20/21



Contact ines.reutter@web.de

The acoustic partition “MIURA” combines two functions at once and is therefore the ideal solution for your office. MIURA can be used as a low-board or can be transformed into a partition wall. It fits perfectly into usecases like co-working spaces, entrance areas or resting places to enable a temporary acoustic isolation.

The used mechanism is hidden and works with a linear motor. The control of the partition wall is managed by an app to facilitate transforming two or more dividers at the same time. The pattern of the sound absorbing material is inspired by origami and thereby provides an optimal acoustic protection.

There are two versions of the acoustic solution MIURA. MIURA 01 has a rectangular body that is separated in half. To transform the low-board the halves first move apart in order to unfold the fabric wall next. The version MIURA 02 stands out by its trapezoidal body that makes different combinations of putting two or more partition walls together possible.

To integrate the product seamlessly into the office’s environment there are two different colors schemes including a combination of turquoise, white and metallic elements such as beige, white and elements of light oak wood.

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