Student(s) Supervision

Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth

Eva Licht
Felix Fastenrath


Winter 20/21




Last semester, the id_methodLAB workshop series focused on the topic of leadership. What can we learn from inspiring leaders and great personalities? And how can we use their stories for our own personal development?

In seven workshops held over Zoom, the students' design process was accompanied throughout the semester: from the definition of the problem to the presentation. In addition to methods that can be directly applied in the design process, the participants were continuously coached in the development of their personality. The focus was on finding their personal purpose. Each workshop was assigned a leader - from Pippi Longstocking to Jane Goodall to Nelson Mandela - who are among the best of the best in their respective field. Exploring what drives these personalities and how they found their purpose gave participants food for thought about their own vision. Equipped with this awareness, the students will be able to hone their profile as designers as they continue their studies and regularly evaluate where they want to go in their life's journey.

The feedback from the students, most of whom came from the first semester this time, was very positive: in addition to the content-related work, the workshops represented a space for them to get to know not only themselves, but also each other better - something that unfortunately also comes up far too short at universities during the lockdown.

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