Zhidong Xia


Prof. Martin Topel


Winter 20/21



Contact xzdboy@live.cn

Drop is the ideal beverage bottle. In 2020, your body needs water and certain nutrients, your tongue wants flavors, and you only have a limited selection of drinks available at any given time. With this design, I hope to bring all three together in 2050 – provide the beverages people need and love, anytime, anywhere.

One of the core technologies is sweat testing. Sweat has been known to provide a variety of information about your body, including blood glucose, lactate and sodium. With a stable and reliable small-volume sweat sensor, along with components such as highly compressed beverage capsules and high-performance batteries, one would be able to enjoy a favorite carbonated beverage or even a hot beverage at any time.

Although based on fictional technology, the structure of the bottle has nevertheless been carefully designed. When the lid is closed, the hinge is separated from the drink by a silicone component, the shape is ergonomic and the volume is suitable for desk use.

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