Nadia Reski


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Sommer 21



Contact nadia.reski@gmx.de

WhiteAir as concept deals with an air purifier as wall installation and acts as a whiteboard the same time. The often empty and barren walls in offices are ideal for hanging up a large-area device, which thanks to its architecture, cleans quietly.

Furthermore, the natural air circulation in indoor spaces can be empathized. Colors and materials are simple, smooth and of high quality. The contrast of matt to glossy white plastic and some edges made of brushed steel give a modern impression. The device looks interesting and friendly and can be used by everyone at any time. For this usage scenario, no additional app is required for operation. The size and performance of the device is sufficient to serve a medium-sized office 2-4 times an hour and thus ensure well-being. As far as the design is concerned, this air purifier relies on a narrow cuboid with a parallelogram-like cross-section as the base body. All sides are cut with selected chamfers and create an exciting look. The shape also creates an optical illusion, but the whtieboard surface stands parallel to the user. The air inlet repeats the angular shapes found everywhere in a shrinking pattern. The suspension is carried out with three supplied screws and special dowels. In total, the product consists of over 60 individual parts. The interface is made up of six backlit buttons that indicate the activity of the air purifier. The filter is changed by simply folding up the front shell and can easily be removed and reinserted like that.

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