Larissa Mladenova


Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 21


Technisches Entwerfen

Contact larissa.mladenova@icloud.com

The Ultimate Ears phone is designed to give users a break from the high-radiation smartphone in the house. As in the brand's Bluetooth speakers, the highly resistant Performance Fabric has been processed. This material is also used for firefighting clothing and is water and fire resistant and very difficult to tear. Also in general, the phone is water and drop resistant, so you don't have to be afraid to take and use it anywhere in the house. For example, there is no problem if the phone accidentally falls into the sink while washing up. Even if it gets dirty, you can simply clean it with soap and water. Thanks to the power-saving e-Ink display, the phone can be used for up to four weeks without recharging. The rounded shape is very comfortable to hold, and the performance fabric on the back not only protects the phone, but also provides a good grip.

This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any company mentioned.

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