Transport container for food deliveries

Lukas Korsten


Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Sommer 21


On-demand food delivery has become increasingly popular in recent years. The backpacks that are widely used by delivery couriers not only represent a high physical burden, but also have various weak points in their insulation.

KYOOBIK is designed to be attached to the luggage carrier, which relieves the courier during the journey and allows him more freedom of movement. With the help of the adapter system, the container can be mounted on the bicycle with a click and also offers a locking function. An integrated basket system with flexible side walls is used for collection and delivery. The base separates the interior into different insulated chambers and can be positioned as desired thanks to integrated guide rails to spatially separate cold and hot food.

To regulate humidity, there are function-coated textile inserts on the sides that function as a breathable hydro-membrane and therefore conduct humidity to the outside. The flap of the main container as well as those of the side compartments underneath are equipped with magnetic locks, thus preventing unauthorised access. To comply road traffic regulations, the integrated light strip lights up in orange-red when mounted on the rear, and in bright white when mounted on the front.

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