Development of a digital method for discussion and decision-making, for scalable, democratic and participatory processes, based on the visual tool 'Strategic Mapping'

Severin Hackspiel


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder


Sommer 21


"Howee" is a platform for decision-making based on the visual method "Strategic Mapping". It offers decision-makers at all levels a tool for digital and participatory decision-making and visually shows how their decisions have affected or will affect the status quo, according to the subjective assessment of many people or objective SAP data. "Howee" also creates the possibility, for the first time, to carry out decision-making in the context of "New Work" processes, independent of location and time. In this way, decisions can be made and reviewed synchronously and locally, but also simultaneously asynchronously and anywhere in the world.
The visual integration of several evaluation levels and their objectives makes it possible to tackle each problem holistically and make it visually comprehensible. Advanced and federated AI creates data security and helps to understand confusing issues. The integrated to-do list creates planning security, as each individual step can be estimated in advance and checked afterwards. All functionalities of “Howee” can be extended through the smart integration of external services to offer each user their preferred methods or processes in a networked way.

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