Growing Communities


Eva Licht


Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


Sommer 21


Food systems are hubs for future issues. They hold great potential for sustainable development and thus a higher quality of life for all. The Gardens Of Hope project in Namibia has recognized this potential and supports vulnerable communities in the Hardap region through further education in organic farming and the establishment of vegetable and herb gardens to promote local food security and sustainable community development.
Continuous development through collaboration with researchers and institutions is a big part of the innovative project culture. To make this co-learning principle also accessible to geographically and infrastructurally remote stakeholders and to strengthen the economic viability of the gardens as well as the motivation of the participants, this master thesis designs a low-threshold digitalization of the project network via a messenger app. This enables participation in digital workshops for personal and professional development, shared experience and knowledge exchange, and improved customer interaction. This inclusive exchange format empowers all stakeholders to participate equally.

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