Xiaotian Wang


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Sommer 21




Fresh is an air purifier that can be installed on the wall in the living room. It can not only clean the air, but also put books or decorations on it like a wall shelf.

You can change the filter very easily and quickly in this product. On lowest layer there is an interactive area on which you want to touch. And then lift it to the top. And you can see filter, hold the no loop then filter just comes out. Fresh has a cable where the controls are integrated. D. I.e. this ball and this thread are both a switch and a cable. On this ball is only one button, so that is also the only button as a control element on whole air purifier. The function is mode change. Fresh has a total of 3 modes. Sleep mode, Auto mode and Turbo mode. If you press the button on the small ball, then you make mode change. LEDs are located in the lower part of the device. Because normally the product is placed above the user's line of sight, so the user has to look up to see the display. So that the user can read the information more easily. The LEDs show which mode is currently activated. The LEDs can also show the status of filter. When the red color appears, it means you need to change filter immediately.

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