A good project

Designing community-oriented project work creatively and meaningfully

Katja Kremser


Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


Sommer 21

Contact katja.kremser@gmail.com

A good Project is a guide for people who want to design good projects. With plans, methods, templates and tips, it offers guidance and inspiration that can enrich non-profit projects. It serves as a resource for doers, association members, designers, leaders from all sectors - anyone who wants to make a difference and is involved in projects for a good cause or wants to become one.
In order to tackle the serious social, economic and environmental challenges we face today, we need new ways of solving them. To achieve this, a good project combines practices from design and innovation development and makes them accessible to the non-profit sector. Skills such as collaboration, agile working, user-centered design, empathy, creativity, openness and holistic thinking make the impossible possible and support non-profit organizations in solving socially relevant problems and creating a better future.

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