Vacation watering


Saeid Farajollahlavasani


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Sommer 21


An inseparable part of every balcony are the balcony plants, which bring joy to their owners and naturalness to city life.
However, this is accompanied by time-consuming, meticulous care of the plants. Too little or too much water can damage the plants.
The irrigation system developed in this bachelor thesis takes over these steps autonomously and thus relieves the owner.
Various parameters can be set according to the needs of individual plants. These include, for example, the duration of watering depending on the amount of water and a programmable daily rhythm. The integrated water distributor in the housing also makes the design compact and space-saving. Conically shaped clamping sleeves offer the advantage of being able to attach the hoses in an uncomplicated manner. In addition, the system allows easy and quick expansion of the water-carrying tubes as required. Optionally, the control unit can be mounted on the wall using a mounting system.
Thanks to a simple user interface, operation is easy to understand and optimized for fast handling.

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