Alexandra Katsnelson


Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

German Federal Foreign Office


Sommer 20



Contact alex.katsnelson1996@gmail.com

2°C is a cooperative board game designed to bring the complex issues of the energy transition closer to the players. The game pursues the common goal of replacing all existing coal-fired power plants and one nuclear power plant with renewable energies. Implementing the energy transition and meeting the demand for electricity proves to be a balancing act. But there is not much time left, because the operation of coal-fired power plants and the failure to meet climate targets accelerate climate change: The target must be reached before the global temperature rises over the two degree limit.

In order to make the game accessible to everyone and in addition to the design version shown, a printable paper version has been developed, which will be accessible online to everyone. Thus, the game can be downloaded by anyone and then printed, cut out and enjoyed.

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