Paulina Katarzyna Wagner


Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Gisela Kleinlein


Sommer 20


Finished cosmetic products contain many additives and chemicals that can cause allergies or intolerances. Homemade cosmetics create a complete transparency about the ingredients and open new design possibilities.

MAKE IT enables you to produce your own make-up sustainably. The main kit is ordered once and is an integral part of the product. There are also five different product kits that can be ordered as required. They contain the ingredients, instructions and the finished jar for the cosmetic product.

The main kit consists of the basic tools required for the manufacture of all cosmetic products (mortar and double spatula for example). It is also the working area for mixing and serves as a storage space for smaller tools thanks to the integrated drawer. An additional app supports the recipe, contains information about the product and can document your own comments.

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