HD 6


Marie Lucienne Ibach


Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 20


Technisches Entwerfen

Contact marie99.ibach@googlemail.com

The travel hairdryer HD 6 impresses with its clean and geometric design. This should accompany the user in style, but also use-oriented on different journeys or at home. By reducing the features, but also the interface, the main focus is on the easy operation of HD 6. The user can only regulate the temperature of the outflowing air, while HD 6 automatically adjusts the air current to the selected temperature.

Because of its geometric shape, the hairdryer can safely and easily be placed in various positions. Due to the removable cable, which is easy to store thanks to magnets, HD 6 can easily be stored in the luggage. The travel hairdryer also allows for easy cleaning of the air inlet, as it is removable. With its design and features, HD 6 represents the smart but also stylish travel of the future.

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