Yuliya Sobol


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Sommer 19


Add-on for the Support of Memory Care for those Suffering from Dementia

As we go along aging, we get more oblivious and the worst-case scenario is being diagnosed with dementia, which affects about 47 million people worldwide. If a person is affected by memory loss, it also implies a partial loss of their identity. Therefore it is important to support people suffering from dementia to sustain their memory. A treatment called “Memory Care” creates a dementia nursing care in reference to biography work.
Based on the global topic, told is trying to assist people with dementia in their early stages drug-free. It allows the user to get back their knowledge and eventually remember their biography, as well as keeping their identity safe in an interactive way. A combination of acoustic, visual and haptic signals serves the activation and stimulates the cognitive processes. The main focus throughout the creation of this bachelor's thesis was on interactive tools, the functionality, technology and the material. An application developed by told makes it possible to customise and change the user's portrayed biography.

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