Professionalized Intuition


Jeannine Szepanski


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth

Livisi GmbH


Sommer 19


A Guideline for Complex Decisions

The value of intuition for the economy increases with the growing complexity of the VUCA world and in times of the Internet of Things. As rationality – or consciousness – reaches its limits businesses are in need of a path to professional use and development of the abilities of the unconscious to use the full potential of human cognition.
This Master's thesis includes a process that integrates professionalized intuition into complex decision-making. It was designed in several iteration loops in co-operation with Livisi GmbH, a subsidiary of innogy SE, to guarantee the practicability of application in a professional context. The process is suitable for highly complex projects and strategic decisions. Through the integration of rational analysis methods as well as incubation phases and reflective moments, professionalized intuition can be systematically integrated in order to limit uncertainties and make decisions feasible.

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