Sustainable Mobile Speaker


Friedrich Kegel


Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

Precious Plastic v4


Sommer 19


The environmental pollution caused by plastic waste is a known topic and already tackled in various areas.
But so far only few electronic devices are disassembled at the end of their lives. Therefore only a small portion of the used polymers and electronic components are recycled or reused.
The mobile speaker is a pilot project to design more sustainable consumer electronics in the future. The device marks the beginning of an innovative series of products: Compatible modules in the inside offer the user the option to add, replace or repair single components.
At the end of the life cycle there is an economic motivation to disassemble the products in order to feed back the modules into the market. By disassembling the product, parts which cannot be used further can be recycled properly within the process.

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