MX 3D Touch


Grigorios Patiras


Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 19


Technisches Entwerfen


MX 3D Touch is the first touch mouse with haptic feedback to deliver an exceptional experience. It gives the feeling of being a mechanical mouse by mimicking the clicks and scrolls without any mechanical components. As a result, it has no wearing parts and gaps, so it could be designed minimalistic as well as dirt and waterproof. The perfectly contoured, handcrafted, ergonomic design and its size, keep the hand and wrist in a comfortable and natural posture. Thanks of its symmetry, it is suitable for left and right handed people. The mouse combines the look of a high-quality and elegant PC mouse with the performance of a gaming mouse to bring out the best of both worlds. Whether you work or play, the mouse can be set to provide additional haptic feedback, as well as various multi-touch gestures to enhance your workflow and gaming experience.

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