MI Mouse


Christina Klöpper


Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 19


Technisches Entwerfen

Contact 1722127@uni-wuppertal.de

The MI Mouse is a new form of vertical mice.
The goal was to combine the healthy and the practical. Tendonitis is an increasing problem, but ergonomic mice are appearing clumsy and obstructive. Other than previous ones, this one can be attached to the edge of your hand. This allows for a seamless workflow between mouse and keyboard, also the posture of the hand is more gentle for tendons and prevents health issues.

The volume of technical components has been reduced so the MI Mouse is lighter and far more compact. This is not only an advantage for your work at home, but also for transport. The mouse buttons have been changed too: Now the left click is operated by pressing downwards and the right click by pressing the front. Instead of a scrolling a wheel you press shift on your keyboard and move the MI Mouse.

The design of the MI Mouse is clear and sophisticated thanks to its few gaps, an endless chamfer and curved surfaces.

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