Ruoxi Wang


Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Andreas Kalweit

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH China


Sommer 19


Laundry Dryer for the Young Generation in China

Research and interviews have shown that monsoon season in southern China is a relevant issue in this context, because the resulting wetness makes drying laundry a problem. The young generation usually dries their laundry on the balcony. On the one hand, that makes balconies look untidy, on the other hand, it is a question of hygiene because of air pollution. However, tumble dryers are still aren't a common home appliance in China, which is why the young Chinese usually has no experience with dryers. That's why there's a great potential for dryers in the Chinese market.
The final concept is a condensation dryer that is well suited for young consumers with maximum flexibility and ease of use.
This Bachelor's thesis was developed in cooperation with Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH China and is under non-disclosure.

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