ABUS 800 W SmartX


Michael Jacoby


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Martin Topel

Coleo Design


Sommer 19

Contact michael.jacoby@coleo-design.de

Lockable Wall-Mountable Bike Rack

Bikes and e-bikes gain more and more importance due to the transformation of mobility. However, their high value makes them attractive for thieves. 292.000 cases of bike theft in Germany, of which only 8,8% have been solved in 2018 proof this.

The aim of this Bachelor's thesis was to allow for quicker, easier and more secure storage of bikes. By combining the concepts of a wall anchor, a rack and a lock, along with the integration of Bluetooth and an alarm function a smart stationary lock system has been developed. The smartphone acts as a key for this. The lock opens automatically and is secured by an alarm.
ABUS 800 W SmartX is a secure storage system which is suitable for heavy e-bikes as well as lightweight bikes.

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