Kathrin Neumann


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 17/18



Contact neumannkathrin@gmx.de

The bluetooth speaker Spherics offers intuitive controls in a neutral shell. Spherics is more resiliant and heavier thanks to its aluminium casing and has a higher quality of sound. Everyone can use the speaker with a very simple method and this shows a huge usergroup. Spherics is usable indoors and outdoors. The sound comes through two speakers in the inside and is able to fill a big room.
The energy supply runs through mini-USB cable, that is also used for most smartphones. Because of this Spehrics can be charged with a cable you already own. There is also an AUX port for connecting a smartphone saving battery power.
The volume can be controlled with a smartphone or with the rotary knob. A shining ring tells the user when the maximum volume is reached. You can skip or rewind with the touchbar around the rotary knob, also pairing is possible. Spherics is unique because of its simple controls that everyone understands intuitively.

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