Maximilian Klaiß


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 17/18



Contact maxklaiss42@gmail.com

The main function of ENCORE Spin is its intuitive control of volume and title. Both can be changed anytime by turning its upper and lower plates. Placed on a table, the device itself acts as a controller and can be turned to indirectly use the lower plate for controls.
The omnidirectional orientation of the speakers inside the device reduces any harm to its sound quality during the turning movement.
Additionally, both plates are illuminated by white and blue LEDs. A small notch on top of each plate indicates their turning fuction.
The logo is engraved in a rubber strap which covers and protects the USB and charging ports. There's another rubber strap on the back with the power and pairing buttons. All speakers are protected by two fabric chells which can be cleaned and replaced anytime.

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