Bike Boom


Ina van der Linde


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 17/18




With Bike Boom you will enjoy your favourite musicians while going out on a bike ride. An optimised 360° surround sound is guaranteed independent of weather conditions. The speaker is very compact an compatible in case of any installations. There is no need for a further adapter.
Focussing the tensioning rope, there is a wide variety of possibilities for attachments and placements. Bike Boom can be fixed to different bars of the bicycle, backpacks or the user can just lay it over their shoulder. At the bottom of the speaker, there is a rubber coating that avoids an instable or moveable placement while riding the bike. Nuances of yellow, anthracite and black are combined in a simple but also cool matter. Aplomb and sportiness were brought into focus. A simple installation and intuitive interface guarantee an easy but also safe application outdoors.

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