Smart EQ forone


Xia Shao


Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Matthias Schönherr


Winter 19/20


The trend of the consumers’ demand on mobility is changing from a better car to practical and environmentally friendly transport and the relief of urban traffic.

This bachelor thesis is a design of a car sharing service and the vehicle interior for the concept Smart EQ forone, which offers flexible and comfortable passenger transport. The aim is to reduce the ownership of private vehicles.

The Smart EQ forone was designed as a vehicle for single passengers. Thanks to the sliding components, the user can read, work or relax while driving. The integrated massage devices and hi-fi systems further enhance the user experience. An emotional design with Smartglass® on the windshield allows for easy control of the light transmission.

The service contributes to environmental protection and to improving the city traffic situation by reducing the quota of stationary cars and unoccupied seats in moving vehicles and allowing for more cars on the same road.

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