Justus Kaufmann


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 19/20



Contact justuskaufmann99@gmail.com

With e-bikes you can do sports, avoid annoying traffic jams on the way to work and relieve the environment at the same time. But when it comes to leaving expensive bicycles in public places, for example to continue travel by train, many people get a bad feeling. This is exactly where the concept of the e-bike controller S-1 comes in.

To make securing the bike as efficient as possible, the removable display works as the key of the e-bike. This key can easily be detached from the bracket on the bike using a special magnet and can then be reattached to a key ring. If the display is not on the bracket, the e-bike is secured using the motor brake. In the unlikely event that the bike is carried away by thieves, the location sensor built into the bracket transmits the current location of the bike to the display, which the user carries in their pocket. They can then see where the e-bike is at currently and has the option to send the live location to the police immediately.

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