Paul Ullrich


Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Winter 19/20


Cognitive Training for the Prevention of Dementia

People with mild cognitive impairment have sixty per cent risk of developing dementia in the next five years. However, continuous cognitive training can reduce this risk, slowing down the progression and, in the best case, halting it. New scientific studies show that cognitive training in combination with physical exercise can improve memory performance in particular.

Memo takes this up and enables cognitive training combined with physical activity. Via an app, games designed to improve cognitive skills are selected and executed. A tracking system consisting of mats as game stations and wristbands as trackers of the individual players records the players' movements and decisions and sends them to the app. Thus Memo not only serves as a training device, but can also be used as a diagnostic tool. The training utensils are stored and charged in a transport trolley.

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