handlebar one


Serafin Rossa-Tykwer


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 19/20



Contact sera@talflimmern.de

The draft handlebar one, designed for commuters and daily users of e-bikes, combines the handlebar and control unit components in a puristically designed component that provides the essential functions for everyday use.

The interface deliberately dispenses unnecessary features. Controller and display are ergonomically and inconspicuously integrated into the handlebar tube. All entries are made via a ring positioned on the right handlebar grip. The display primarily provides information about the speed currently being driven, but it also shows information about the date and time on request. There is also a four-stage LED display for monitoring the selected motor support. After activating the system, the currently possible range is always displayed in the start mode. Turning the adjusting ring upwards regulates the motor support; turning it in the opposite direction controls the various display modes.

The handlebar itself is made of gray aluminum and is equipped with soft rubber grips. Thanks to a common diameter of 32 mm, handlebar one is compatible with all standard handlebar stems.

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