Camilo Martins


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 18/19




Integriertes Camera- and Illumination System

Compa unites the functionality of an action camera with the requirements of a cyclist. The integrated illumination system gives the user more security and visibility and reduces the amount of required parts on a bike. The camera consists of three independent modular parts which can be connected to one complete system.

The rear part includes the docking station for charging and data transmission with an integrated status LED ring. The middle section contains the battery pack and the rear light for the bike. The camera is located in the front module along with the front light for the bike. After a ride, the parts can be connected and share the energy of the battery pack, to improve the battery runtime of the whole system. The camera can also be used as a flashlight, when there is no other source of light around.

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