Linda von Faber


Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Winter 18/19


Secure Parking Possibilities for Bicycles in Public Urban Areas

Excessive volumes of traffic, elevated noise levels and bad air quality are causing an ever increasing number of issues in many of our cities today. This situation will only improve if we change our mobility structures and promote alternative, more sustainable means of transport such as bicycles. However, in order to promote cycling we need an advanced parking infrastructure, as bikes remain parked for longer periods of time and must be protected against damage, bad weather and most importantly theft.

Bikeport is a modular solution to that issue, and is comfortable and quite effective for both cyclists and municipalities: At Bikeports, cyclists can use either the freely accessible bike racks and secure their bike with their own lock, or they can use the bike boxes which guarantee even higher security and therefore are especially attractive for owners of e-bikes. Municipalities benefit from Bikeport’s simple assembly, making it easy to build a large number of Bikeports, and allowing for the addition and replacement of bike racks and boxes in a modular fashion, seamlessly integrating Bikeport into any urban environment.

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